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Agustín Pérez Pardella was born in Buenos Aires, Capital City.

Studied at shools funded by religious (catholic) organizations.

He was a pupil of the philosopher Carlos Astrada in the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Philosophy and Literature of Buenos Aires.

He was part of the casting members of the Merchant Navy Officers up to the end of his career as a marine.

He founded the first-class-passengers-ship libraries, such as “Eva Perón” vessel, North sea line. In second class ships, such as the Yapeyú vessel, North sea line, he drew up title indexes, content indexes and author´s biographical information indexes. 

In immigrants ships such as the “Salta” vessel, he organized a program of studies of the Spanish language for the Italian passengers during their journey from Naples to Buenos Aires.  He was General Director at the Centro Cultural San Martín, from 1996 to1999.

He was also President of the Argentinean Authors Society, ARGENTORES.

He was an academic member of the Academia Nacional Sanmartiniana.

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese and Italian.

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E-mail:                                                                                                 Espacio cedido por ARGENTORES