Diana Raznovich

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If I were my own character, then this virtual biography could be real.

"Diana Raznovich: writer, looks ahead, above all..." What it is most attractive to me is how, what I have not yet written, becomes known. A standing bet that allows me - I believe - to keep the coherence of an incoming memory.

I imagine this scenic space volatile with bluish lights, zafire color. I walk into the stage amused, I glimpse over everything I have done to get here. Plays, novels, essays, poems and drawings.

My style, which is also my unrestrained opinion, is a dangerous mix of humor and distraction; as if upon finding you, I would invite you to go over my work, upon defining me, I would ask you to 'undefine' me and once unknown, I would begin to know you"  

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E-mail: dianaraz@argentores.org.ar                                                                                                                                         This place was ARGENTORES gived