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I started my career as an actor at  2 and I dropped out of it at 13. I also dropped out of high school in second year, of piano lessons after 5 years, of dental technician courses after a week and of English studies all throughout.

I became a junior in the Men´s Department of Harrod´s, but I never finished my graduation there, either.

My father tried hard to make me join his wholesale business. Bananas. He devoted to selling bananas. It was then that I tried to resume my studies as a way to escape from the bananas, but it was useless. I had to give up my studies and my job because of my true and only vocation: sex. My father fully identified himself with my urges and I surrendered to his total economic support.

I went through my military service as a member of a platoon... that of the cleaning forces.

My father, by then, became aware that I was not a child and was not interested in sponsoring me any more. His attitude forced me to look for a job. After six months of hard work at a Real  Estate Company, I wasn’t able to sell a single apartment.

Discouraged, I returned to the bananas, this time selling them in an open market.

Shortly after, I bought a delivery truck, for  general deliveries, including, of course, bananas. At the same time, I joined some courses at different workshops, in the hope of becoming a Steven Spielberg. I never graduated as one, but I started feeling a strong urge for quitting bananas, open markets and delivery trucks for good.

Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I joined the staff of a local newspaper: “La Razón”, in the  Human Relations Department. I was supposed to write a daily report of my activities. In order to be able to do this, I began practicing typing, with my two forefingers. One day, while practicing, a gag came to my mind. This is how I began my career as a writer.

I started my professional career in 1964 writing the script for a TV show and I quit my position in “La Razón”. The following year, I also started another career: that of  getting married. 

One day, horrified at the idea of having to get a job at an office to earn my living, an idea came to my mind: a perfect employee fed up of his daily routine, one Monday decides to stay in bed and not to go to work.

By the end of 1967, my play succeeded and my marriage failed. I didn’t give up though, and in 1968, I, again, married forever. At the same time, I started my quest: that of showing the world I was not only the writer of “La Fiaca” (“Don’t Wanna”). Time went by, I wrote quite a number of other plays, TV scripts, which became successful and were awarded different prizes, but I am still identified as the author of “La Fiaca” and “Mi Cuñado” (“My Brother-in-Law”), the most famous script I have written for Argentine TV.

I was reborn as an actor, not as a baby, but playing a small boy. I´ ll explain to you: I had just divorced my second wife forever and married my third wife forever. She was an actress and together we wrote and performed two experimental shows as well as “How to be a Good Jewish Mother”, in which we played mother and son for quite a number of years in several countries.

I was my wife’s son until, with her permission, I rebelled and I was left alone “In Undershirt” (“En Camiseta”), my first one-man show.

Laura, 31, was born from my second marriage.

I haven’ t been married forever with my present couple for 19 years and we have a 9 year old daughter called Tamara. 

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