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I was born in Buenos Aires on May 12, few days after the end of the Second World War. Twelve days before my birthday, on April 30th, Hitler had committed suicide en his bunker.

Although I do not remember my birth, I know that I was born with a smile. Perhaps, being born in a Jewish home in those jubilant days, with the feeling that worst nightmare in history had ended, must have seem attractive to me.

I was the oldest daughter of a loving and odd couple: Marcos and Bertha. He was a pediatrician, she was a dentist.

The paternal branch had escaped from the anti-Semitic persecution from the Czar in Russia, the maternal one from the anti-Semitic persecution in Vienna. Everyone met in this strange country in the south of everything and I was born here.

Those first years of my life were very happy.  I remember having to share, because in less than five years my two brothers arrived.

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