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The 90' s represent a sort of return: I returned to the country in 1993 to give myself, and the country, an opportunity. Above all, to be more precise, to this city that calls me for its mystery and its delirium: Buenos Aires.

Blessed the years in touch with pain and love. Productive years, because Buenos Aires makes me write like mad, I can't stop.

I opened Casa Matriz, with two marvelous actresses like Lidia Catalano and Ana Acosta, directed by Tina Serrano. To feel the emotion over the admiration my plays in my own language; I felt that something mine will never leave from here.

The same day that Máquinas Divinas opened in the Teatro San Martín, in 1996, I discovered that the love had seated  next to me.

The nineties are the reencounter and the encounter. I wrote De la cintura para abajo, De atrás para adelante, La liberación de la Señora Sarah, Fast Food a la velocidad de la muerte. Along with two marvelous musicians, Marcelo Moguilevsky and Cesar Lerner, a show with my poems and Klezmer' s music.  Mitzy Goldman, an Australian filmmaker, mesmerized by that show, decided to include it in her film "Ports of Destiny".  Meanwhile, a text was being edited, now in imprint in New York with a prologue by Diana Taylor: “Defiant Acts: four plays by Diana Raznovich”/ “Actos desafiantes: Cuatro obras de Diana Raznovich”. Ed. Taylor & Victoria Martínez. London: Bucknell University Press, 2000.

Several trips to Germany, so many friends.  To the U.S too.  I made in Chile the residence of my heart. I felt that my family' s name is Loreto Bravo and Rolo Jiménez.

I joined the Board of Directors of Argentores as a member of the Professional Theatre Board.  And, at the doors of 2000, direct a web project in Argentores so that each member may have her/ his own web page.

Immersed in my Hebrew roots, I continued my Kabalah studies and now I transmit my knowledge of the Torah and the Kabalah.

To go through the millennium in Mexico, toasting at the house of a great friend and singer, Astrid Hadad. And in February, I traveled to the U.S. to a little magic town close to Chicago to attend the RAT Conference 2000 and discover that I am a RAT member. That RAT is a feeling, and soon we are going to have a RAT Conference in Buenos Aires.

And now, still, this is just the beginning and it is going on strong. The 2000 with its open doors and the projects. The projects.

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