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With the unforgiving vertigo with which society narrows life's path, in the same way, the seventies were the richest of all the years since I was born.

I looked into the utopian dream without fanfares because extreme proposals always seemed a like dead end streets. I staged El Guardagente in the Teatro de la Sociedad  Hebraica Argentina. Then I opened, Jardín de Otoño (Inner Garden) under its first name, Marcelo,

the mechanic, with Claudio Levrino as the male star, and Rosa Rosen and Irma Córdoba in the roles of Griselda and Rosalía. I perched myself up in my own language in a style that rides between Humor and Poetry.

And when the military regime came,  I had to leave the country for reasons that I still cannot figure out. The exile in Spain. Begin from cero, without particular trademarks, in a country that seemed at first beautiful to travel, but hostile to live in. However, that exile, like any serious obstacle on the road, transformed into an obligatory challenge.  I decided to fight Europe for my own space, and I won.

And it was then when my international career began. I published my novel, Para que se cumplan todos tus deseos (So That Your Dreams May Come True). My plays, Giardinno de autunno y Madri affitazzi, opened in Italy. In Germany, since its inauguration, I participated in Theater -und Mediengesellschaft Lateinamerika. My writing translated, myself translated, was, and is, a strange trick, a visit to other accomplishments. I signed contracts with one of the most important editorial houses in Germany, Fischer Verlag, for the edition of my plays. Conferences, openings, tours, and the presentation of my books. 

What in Argentina was pain, death, desperation, had an unexpected counterpart, like another destiny. In the mirror of  wonders, what is fatal on one side, can be on the other a trip without return. 

Nobody can rescue us from those years of horror, no one can bring us back from the demential site of repression.

The ones who stayed and the ones who left remain are still tied up to that divided condition. But, I believe that the antidote that I invented so that the dictatorship would not steal those years away from me, was my revenge.

My international career might have happened later if those dark events would have not forced me to leave the country in a rush, just with my personal belongings.

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